Progetto per negativo-positivo

Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Bruno Munari
Anno: 1950
Misure: 55 x 50 cm
Tipologia: dipinto
Materiale: tempera e matita su carta
Provenienza: Opera donata dall’artista nel 1998

Codice di inventario:

Progetto per negativo-positivo

Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari is a figure of special importance in this exhibition, since, starting from his adherence to the Secondo Futurismo in the 1920s, he paired artistic exploration with a kind of technical design that was tied to the world of design and graphic design. The two works Un punto azzurro (1937), painted when Munari was influenced by Kandinsky's lyric abstraction, and Negativo-positivo giallo-rosso (1951), produced in the militancy years within the Movimento Arte Concreta, express this capacity to make free, unconventional abstract languages coexist with the rigorous structures of industrial design. A capacity that brings the artist in close relation to Ottavio Missoni. (AC)

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