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01 January 2023–31 December 2024


Founded by Sergio Saporiti in 1948 and wholly owned by the Saporiti family, the Saporiti Italia Group is one of Italy's most renowned design, furniture manufacturing and interior contracting companies. The Saporiti Italia Group, with offices in Italy, Dubai, Singapore and Lagos, operates as a Design Service Provider offering tailor-made solutions for the realisation of interior projects of the highest level, taking care of every phase of the creative and construction process, from design to production, from logistics to installation.

The Saporiti Italia brand is synonymous with style, elegance and creativity all over the world. Saporiti Italia products have been designed by some of the world's most famous architects and have been exhibited in some of the world's most prestigious design and art museums. Saporiti Inside Art, specifically, is the project that the company is constantly pursuing and that promotes the presence of the brand and its products inside art museums, including the MA*GA, with which it has a partnership in the name of enhancing the links with the territory, the contaminations between art and design, the typical creativity of Italian know-how and the spirit of continuous research intrinsic to the soul of contemporary art and design.


On the occasion of the exhibition Andy Warhol. Serial Identity  held at MA*GA in 2023, Saporiti Italia brought its iconic Jumbo armchairs, a special edition of the original seat designed by Alberto Rosselli in 1968, reinterpreted in colour by leading international architectural firms for the 100+1 exhibition at the ADI Design Museum in Milan, to the Museum.
The twenty Jumbo armchairs exhibited at MA*GA create an unprecedented dialogue between Italian design and Andy Warhol's pop aesthetics, recalling some characteristic elements of the great American artist's eclectic production such as colour and seriality.
In the colourful environment that housed the historical volumes of Interview magazine, created by Warhol in 1969, the Jumbo armchairs took on the same brilliant tones as the magazine covers. In contrast, in the projection spaces of Warhol's Silent Movies, the Jumbos are neutral and unsaturated, emphasising the American artist's black-and-white shots. The seats at MA*GA are part of a limited edition specially made by Saporiti Italia. On the occasion of the important retrospective exhibition entitled 100+1 / Alberto Rosselli for Saporiti Italia that the ADI Design Museum in Milan dedicated in October 2022 to the work of Alberto Rosselli, one of the greatest masters of Italian design.
Another historical object of Saporiti's production, part of the MA*GA design collection, was displayed on the occasion of the exhibition: the seat from the Omaggi series, dedicated precisely to Andy Warhol and his iconic Flowers, set up in a special dialogue with the original silkscreens.

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