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The archives of the museum document the history of the institution in a complex and heterogeneous; they are also an important point of reference for scholars and universities, preserving unique and precious materials that need protection and enhancement.

The first and most important archive is the one of the museum, in its complexity, from the date of its foundation (1966) to today: it is an ever-evolving Archive relating to all areas of the museum: exhibitions, research activities, exhibitions, editorial, educational activities.

The archive of the Premio Gallarate is dedicated to the twenty-six editions of the Prize: it counts 100,000 paper documents and at least 20,000 photographic, audio and video documents of the editions.

The following monographic archives are also part of the collection of the museum:
MAC Archive, Movimento Arte Concreta, created in 1984, thanks to a project by Luciano Caramel, on the occasion of the first historical exhibition dedicated to the movement;
MADI Archive South American Concrete Art Movement;
Mail Art archive dedicated to the collection “The Mythical Image”, created by Gino Gini between 1976 and 1983.