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SEA and MA*GA for ART

01 January 2013–31 December 2024


On the basis of the forty-year agreement signed between SEA and ENAC in 2001, the SEA Group manages the airports of Malpensa and Linate, which together rank among the top ten airport systems in Europe in terms of traffic volume, both in the passenger and cargo segments. The SEA Group's mission is to create value for all those directly involved in the Group's activities: shareholders, customers and employees.


For more than a decade, SEA has wanted to bring art into the airport to enrich the travel experience of its passengers, who may thus find themselves unexpectedly admiring works of art, paintings or photographs.
There are, in fact, numerous spaces dedicated to exhibitions at Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa Airport: from the Milan Gate, created precisely with the intention of hosting art exhibitions and multimedia installations, to SEA's VIP Lounges, which are enriched by art, as well as some spaces dedicated to check-in and arrivals, thanks also to the collaboration with MA*GA, born in 2013 from the desire to transform the waiting areas of Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa Airport into a place where art is expressed and told.
In particular, the SEA and MA*GA for Art project is the result of an exchange of mutual visibility. The museum addresses the public of passengers and airport workers by setting up exhibitions and art projects tailor-made for the travel areas and the terminal's VIP lounges, in close connection with the exhibition activities and artists scheduled at MA*GA.
SEA, alongside MA*GA, offers visibility to creativity and artistic research, enhancing the dissemination and opportunities for travellers to experience art. SEA, which operates directly in tourism, thus keeps its cultural commitment alive.


2013-2014 Vittore Frattini
2015 Gottardo Ortelli
2016 Ugo La Pietra. Abitare è essere ovunque a casa propria
2016-2017 Giorgio Vicentini e Salvatore Lovaglio
2017-2018 Oksana Mas. Spiritual Cities
2018 Paolo Masi. Doppio Spazio
2018-2019 Silvio Zanella. Diari
2019-2021 Arcangelo. Le mie mani toccano la terra
2021-2022 Michele Lombardelli. Untitled
2022 Umberto Ciceri. La forma del ritmo
2023 Francesco Maccapani Missoni. La danza dei colori
2023 Michele Ciacciofera. Condensare l’infinito

In addition to temporary exhibitions, we find permanent installations in the spaces of Terminal 1 at Milan Malpensa Airport:
Since 2015 Missoni, Tra le Righe #2
Since 2016 Ugo La Pietra, Interno/Esterno

On the occasion of the exhibition Andy Warhol. Serial Identity  curated by Maurizio Vanni and Emma Zanella (2023), the spaces of La Porta di Milano in Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa Airport presented Andy Warhol's T.V. - Special Project, curated by Emma Zanella, Vittoria Broggini, Federica Crespi in collaboration with MEET Digital Culture Center.
The project, dedicated to the television productions of the iconic artist father of American Pop Art, presents programmes conceived by Warhol conceived as a dynamic montage of interviews with celebrities from the pop universe, fashion shows and music hits. The compilation offers a fast-paced glimpse into the international art scene of the 1980s by cross-referencing faces, places and works that Warhol selected, highlighting their highlights.
The project is completed by the monumental installation "Andy Warhol", a sign covered in silver paper that evokes the atmosphere of the legendary Silver Factory and dialogues with the video projection in front of it, reflecting its lights and colours.


A.S. 2013/2014 Raccontare i luoghi. L’arte e i luoghi comuni, quotidiani, immaginati... 
Training course for primary, nursery and secondary school teachers Topic: addressing the issue of lived and perceived space, finding ourselves conducting the course in one of the most fascinating "non-places" par excellence: Malpensa airport. 

A.S. 2014/2015  Il colore del tempo
Training course for primary, pre-school and secondary school teachers Topic: the theme of colour, its stratification as a trace of time and its interaction with space. In order to deepen these ideas, the Educational Department proposes, alongside a propaedeutic theory part, a workshop with artist Pierluigi Calignano, who has recently been delving into the relationships between colour, form, trace composition and environment in his artistic research.

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