Prato, case, colline

Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Silvio Zanella
Anno: 1966
Misure: 50 x 70 cm
Tipologia: dipinto
Materiale: olio su tela
Provenienza: Opera donata dalla Galleria Bianchi di Gallarate nel 1972

Codice di inventario:

Prato, case, colline

Silvio Zanella

Parto, case, colline is a landscape built by a skilful use of the color. Silvio Zanella starts from the naturalistic issue to lighten matter, highlight paintstrokes and synthesize forms into pure colour. The pictorial activity of Silvio Zanella began in the period after World War II when, engaged with the Milanese art scene, he developed an abstract naturalist style that was free in its pictorial realisation and never veristic, yet profoundly saturated with the light and colours of the Po Valley. 

Those were the years of a gestural, sign-based approach to painting, where the colour, light and emotion of the material led him towards his own unmistakable style.
The work on view was produced during that period and presents a decisive, energetic mark, guided by a chromatic range unusual even for Zanella, made up of dark greens, yellows and purples that forcefully clash in the construction of space. (EZ)

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