Spazio elastico ambiente

Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Gianni Colombo
Anno: 1967
Tipologia: installazione
Materiale: fili elastici fluorescenti, elettro-motori (quattro), lampade a luce ultravioletta
Provenienza: Opera donata dall’artista nel 1976

Codice di inventario:

Spazio elastico ambiente

Gianni Colombo

Gianni Colombo dedicated much of his artistic activity to the creation of environments where the viewer could test his or her own understanding of horizontality or verticality, simple data for human perception of balance. Entering Spazio Elastico, completely immersed in darkness, one tries to measure the surrounding space with one's eyes: at this point, the eye places its trust in the only visible referents, even though they are oscillating. The installation, which is part of MA*GA's permanent display, offers a participatory, active perspective on the exhibition's themes, highlighting how just a few elements (light, darkness and a few orthogonal lines) can, if well planned, challenge our everyday certainties, making our own reactions to the stimuli the real meaning of the work. (LG)

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