Monologue Patterns

Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Loris Cecchini
Anno: 2004
Tipologia: installazione
Materiale: metallo, policarbonato trasparente, pellicola 3M film
Provenienza: Opera donata dal Premio Nazionale Arti Visive Città di Gallarate nel 2006

Codice di inventario:

Monologue Patterns

Loris Cecchini

Monologue Patterns is a living shell built in the branches of a tree in the park in front of the MAGA. The project of Loris Cecchini was thought as a sort of mediation between the creation of an artwork, conceived as a public space, open and usable by everybody, and the idea of isolation, distance, meditation. Actually Monologue Patterns, thanks to its coating of transparent polycarbonate, which enable people inside the shell to see outside but not viceversa, has been designed by the artist as a sort of space for imagination. It can be seen not only as a "special" place of meditation and vantage point on the park, but also as an element purely linked to vision, as a "poetic image" which can stimulate personal imagination: consequently Monologue Patterns becomes a tree house, a spaceship, a reading room, a point of contact between man and nature.
Cecchini was interviewed by Roberto Pinto while he was installing his artwork in 2004 and explained how "the work was originally conceived as a "model image", that is  an “image” with its own poetry and surreal structure. The idea of building an artificial form and then take it on a tree is linked again to the idea of hybridizing  two different worlds that get in touch. The idea of a living form  elevates it to a level of poetry and imagination, where the form acquires the value of escape, refuge and space for meditation"
The artwork, is one of the most known and published among the recent acquisitions of the museum and is an example of the artist's production of environmental installations that are able to create a dialogue between the public and the artwork itself, as well as between the artwork and the context, for  which (and thanks to which) it is specifically designed and built.

Traduzione di  Agostina Colacicco, Billy Quiamas,  Martina Grasso, Stefano Marzullo. I.S. Gadda Rosselli, Gallarate

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