Project Room

A cura di Vittoria Broggini, Alessandro Castiglioni, Giulia Formenti, Lorena Giuranna

8 February  -  8 May 2014

Project Room
8 February – 8 May 2014

From 8 February 2014 MA*GA launches Project Room, a space of experimentation dedicated to young contemporary artists.
The program is structured by the interchange every month between two artists that presents an important project of their most recent research.
Project Room become  a spotlight and incubation of projects, which can be spread inside the space, different from time to time.

In the first month of opening, from 8 February to 2 March 2014, will be present:

Ambra Pittoni with her projects: “La notte Salva” and “Partitura Dispendiosa”
Riccardo Arena with his video: “25.765”

Next Openings:
9 March – 3 April 2014
Emanuele Becheri
Andrea Magaraggia

5 April – 2 May 2014
Maria Giovanna Nuzzi
Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio – In occasion of the project AMACI “Museo Chiama Artista”

3 May – 8 June 2014
Francesco Bertocco
Lidia Sanvito.


Opere in Mostra



Project Room

9 March  -  9 March 2014