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HIC - Cultural Institutes Hub City of Gallarate

08 July 2021–31 December 2022

HIC - Cultural Institutes Hub City of Gallarate is a project run by MA*GA Museum in partnership with Luigi Majno Civic Library that aim to share cultural services for the community.

Creativity and knowledge are combined and give the visitors the chance to co-create, share and interact with the artistic and library heritage from a new perspective.
The word HIC (which in Latin means HERE) identifies the desire to make citizens aware of this project as the key point of cultural production and wellness of local and national territory.
The Museum and the Library work with and for the communities, establish dialogues between knowledge fields to enhance their collections, their stories, their heritage, to embrace the future while looking to the past.
Scholars, students and all visitors can enjoy culture in a comfortable space that have been expanded and enriched by a redesigned project that has profoundly transformed the entire ground floor of the Museum. A new life has been given to one of the most important public places in town!

The opening hours for the reading and study rooms are:
10:00 – 18:00 from Tuesday to Friday
11:00 – 19:00 on Saturday and Sunday
Closed on Monday

m: bibliotecagallarate@comune.gallarate.va.it
t: 3312664097