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The Museum in post-digital era

01 October 2022–31 December 2024

“Il museo nell’era post-digitale” (The Museum in post-digital era) is the name of the Museum’s digitalization project, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Fondo Cultura 2021, developed between 2022, 2023 and 2024. Several innovations have characterized these activities, from the new website to the creation of digital and video archives. 
On this page a series of news will update the project development, describing the relationship between art and technology, analog and digital culture, past and future, and redefining the collections and the museum’s identity.
The activities of 2022 are entitled “La vita degli archivi” (The life of archives) and they are focused on the digitalization of archives and their online presence. 

Premio Gallarate and Museum exhibitions’ historical archives can be consulted here: 

The new digital artworks studied and added to the collection are available here: 
Corinne Mazzoli, How to Customise Yourself, 2021

Francesco Bertocco, INDEX, 2017