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Francesco Maccapani Missoni. La danza dei colori

SEA and MA*GA for Art

20 April 2023–30 September 2023

SEA and MA*GA for Art, in collaboration with Artland Milano, is proud to present the exhibition La danza dei colori, the first solo show by the artist Francesco Maccapani Missoni.

The exhibition is already open until September, with a vernissage event in June.

The selection of works is now exhibited until September 20th at Montale Vip Lounge and "Tulipano" Area of Milan Malpensa Airport, Terminal 1.

Central to Maccapani Missoni’s work is clearly the color: it all starts with the research of the chromatic bases on which he assembles the artwork, then proceeds with a wise study of the combinations, to end with the union of colours, through a patient braiding of strips and threads.

Maccapani Missoni, as the art critic Giorgio Verzotti writes, chooses coloured paper strips of different sizes and attaches them to the frame through a long, careful, and meticulous work of braiding and overlapping, therefore of weaving, to shape abstract patterns, geometrical schemes, and organized disseminations in a kind of geometric pointillisme. In the end, it would be weird if Francesco’s artwork did not shine with color, being that an innate element of his DNA.

What strikes the most, after being hit by this overwhelming chromatic wave, constant in the rhythm of its patterns, are the light e and the movement. His recent transition from the use of paper strips to satin ribbons has allowed the artist not only to be able to work with artworks of larger size, but above all to elevate his artistic research to an even higher level.   

The ribbon is a material that reflects light in a unique way, changing tonality and shade according to the lighting, the inclination, and the light that hits it. The color is so in motion, transforming itself and starting to rhythmically vibrate, making artworks never equal to themselves. Thanks to light, it starts so the dance of colours and we are immediately driven to move at their cadence. 

SEA and MA*GA confirm their interest in promoting contemporary artists' researches with a collaboration since 2013 that embellishes Malpensa VIP Lounges with a rich program of exhibitions and installations. The travellers and visitors are given a chance of entertainment and knowledge through the experience of contemporary art.

ARTLAND is a transversal local and international territory of artistic contact. A portal to a new definition of fruition of the artistic experience, we like tangrams and canvases yet to be filled. Artland was born in Milan in 2021, on the initiative of Francesco Simonetta, under the artistic direction of Mattia Pozzoni and the general management of Virginia Intorcia, with the aim of promoting talents and taking art out of the classic definition of art gallery.

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Francesco Maccapani Missoni uses coloured ribbons of the quilling, the art of creating big watermarks with paper and satin ribbons to create his hand-woven polychromatic weaves, set on square frames and then lacquered by brush. Material paintings that articulate tonality and shades according to multiple schemes. Heir to a family of the Italian prêt-à-porter linked to color, Francesco, born and raised among the mythical colourful striped and zigzag patterns, the textures and the “put together” of Missoni jerseys and fabrics, has conceived so an artistic language in line with its imprinting, as well as entirely personal. An exercise in style that requires time and concentration, high precision and professional definitions. 

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