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Il profilo dell'immagine

Arte e fotografia in Italia

16 July 2023–22 October 2023

The Exhibition

Il profilo dell'immagine is a rearrangement project of the museum's collection that was created to present the new acquisitions of the museum, obtained thanks to the assignment of two different public notices promoted by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture. In fact, thanks to PAC2021 - Piano per l'Arte Contemporanea, the MA*GA acquires a collection of 25 works by Armin Linke and, thanks to Strategia Fotografia 2022, two works by Bruno di Bello and Paola di Bello enter the museum's collection.

The title of the exhibition evokes the particular identity of the photographic language suspended between documentation and representation, its "infrathin" nature (Grazioli, 2018), the ambivalence between technical image and artistic image, questioning the public on the meaning that the photographic image has had in our recent history and in our contemporaneity, since "photography, in theory, has always wanted to make the image democratic, but it has rarely worked in that sense" (David Levi Strauss, 2003).

The research and exhibition project makes it possible to show the public for the first time in its entirety the collection of works related to the photographic languages ​​of MA*GA Museum, in which the new acquisitions are organically inserted.
The exhibition takes the form of a narration in which different episodes and authors alternate and follow one another, intertwining the research dedicated to the image and its fragmentation with authors such as Emilio Isgrò and Valentina Berardinone, to continue with Gianni Bertini's MEC Art , Bruno di Bello and Aldo Tagliaferro, the dialogue with visual poetry, mail art and performance with Mirella Bentivoglio, Maria Lai and Giuseppe Chiari up to the linguistic research of Franco Vaccari. The exhibition is completed by addressing the issue linked to the persistence of the landscape in the identities and non-identities of places with the works of Luigi Ghirri and Marina Ballo Charmet, up to the large cycles of photographic productions commissioned by the museum such as the Ex/post Orizzonti temporari project by Mario Cresci and Moltiplicazioni by Armin Linke.

The exhibition is divided into three sections that analyze different attitudes and working methods around the image and photographic languages.
The first section is entitled Fragments of reality and is dedicated to research between the 60s and 70s in which the photographic image emerges as a fragment of reality, a transformed detail, extrapolated from its context and to which a new meaning is given. Examples are the work of Emilio Isgrò, that of Franco Vaccari or the collages of Mirella Bentivoglio.
The second section welcomes research dedicated instead to the idea of ​​repetition, reproduction and multiplication, at the center of which is the work of Armin Linke.
The third section is instead dedicated to the idea of ​​a photograph that investigates space as a language and moves in search of an elsewhere. This section opens with La Disparition by Paola Di Bello, which is flanked by the works of Mario Cresci, Francesco Bertocco and the installation by Marzia Migliora.


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