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Andy Warhol. Serial Identity

05 February 2023–22 April 2023

Andy Warhol. Serial Identity
Family Workshops


Workshops for kids and families
Recommended age: 3-12 years old
Sunday 03:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m.
Troughout exhibition Andy Warhol. Serial Identity MA*GA Museum offers families a series of creative art workshops to experiment ideas, concepts and techniques related to printing and seriality.

February 5th
Printed everyday objects have a great appeal. In the laboratory we create personal "stamps" and we use newspaper scraps, train tickets and other everyday supports to make our personal print.

February 19th
This activity is inspired by Warhol's interest in the world of fashion, particularly when he began designing footwear in the 1940s. Various images of shoes of all kind, ancient and contemporary, common or totally unusual, are redesigned with the technique of the "Blotted line" invented by Warhol himself.

March 5th
Inspired by the Warhol’s passion for commercial products and advertising such as the Campbell's soup, we look at different packaging of Ricola candies and try to invent our own candy flavour, with its own box and lots of colours.

March 19th
The participants make each other's portraits, tracing the shapes of the faces through a glass on transparent sheets. Then, the portraits will be personalized with different materials such as felt-tip pens and coloured sticky films.


Workshops for kids and families
Sunday 03:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m.

April 2nd
03:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m.
Painting workshop in 16mm
Recommended age: 3-12 years old
Mirco Santi of the Home Movies Foundation offers children and families an original film painting workshop, inspired by the artistic work of Gianfranco Brebbia. This practice allows you to create a real animated film entirely built with color applied directly to the film!
At the end of the workshop all the projects will be projected.
05:15 p.m. – 07:15 p.m.
Experimental cinema
Recommended age: for everyone
An afternoon dedicated to experimental cinema focused on Massimo Bacigalupo and Gianfranco Brebbia works curated by Mirco Santi and Paolo Simoni of Home Movies Foundation in collaboration with the "Gianfranco Brebbia" International Center and the Italian Independent Cinema Cooperative of Rome.
Film projection:
- Bet 5' and Bazar 3' (1973) by Gianfranco Brebbia.
- Idea assurda per un filmaker 15' (1969) by Gianfranco Brebbia.
- Quasi una tangente 40' (1966) by Massimo Bacigalupo.
Free admission without reservation.

Saturday 22nd April
A special workshop on the occasion of the World Earth Day
Recommended age: from 6 years old
03:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m.
Using leaves and petals from the Ricola’s 13 Medicinal Herbs Garden at MA*GA, we create the pages of a small herbarium.
We prepare the paper with sensitized layer and create a composition with vegetal elements and finally we expose to sunlight to fix the image and let the paper dry.
During the activity it’s possible to taste the beneficial herbal teas offered by Ricola.
Free admission by reservation.


To take part to all workshops you can purchase one of the available family packages (workshop + exhibition tickets) on TicketOne:
- 1 child and 1 adult: €22,00
- 2 children and 1 adult: €31,80
- 3 children and 1 adult: €42,00
Reservations are required and are subject to availability
Non-refundable tickets.