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Crochet Café

29 September 2023–26 July 2024

Meetings and talks on crochet and crochet in collaboration with HIC (Hub cultural institutes of Gallarate).

An afternoon at the Museum to shape one's creativity without limits, where the widest audience of apassionate, novice and curious people will find every Friday a space set up with chairs, small tables and some inspirational texts for their own compositions. Participants will be able to manage their own work independently, taking the opportunity to share tips, secrets and guide the less experienced to discover weaving techniques with the group.
Each participant will use their own working tools, crochet or knitting needles and yarn. Yarns provided by the maison MISSONI will also be available for the creation of the works in the Museum.

Crochet Café was born within INTRECCI, an educational project supported by the MA*GA Museum, the Missoni maison, the Ottavio and Rosita Missoni Foundation and the Missoni Archives that combines visions from the world of art, fashion and weaving in an educational path articulated for different age groups. At the center of the activities is the design dimension of textiles: participants have the opportunity to get close to the creative stages of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni through encounters with the photographs, works and clothes on display inside the Ottavio Missoni Tapestry Room. 

Every Friday from 2 to 6 p.m.
*From November 2023, participation in Crochet Café afternoons will be possible only with a membership of Associazione Amici del MA*GA at the special rate of € 30.00 (valid for one year from the date of subscription). Joining the MA*GA membership programme will allow you to book your place at Crochet Café appointments, plus all the benefits included in the standard category.

For all info intrecci@museomaga.it | 0331 706011

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