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MA*GA and MISSONI for Art and Education

01 January 2024–31 December 2024

Now in its third edition, INTRECCI, a project that combines visions from the worlds of art, fashion and weaving in an educational pathway for different age groups.
The educational project, supported by the MA*GA Museum, the Missoni maison, the Ottavio and Rosita Missoni Foundation and the Missoni Archive, offers students, teachers and the museum's public theoretical and practical paths on the language of textiles. At the centre of the activities is the design dimension of textiles: participants have the opportunity to approach the creative phases of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni through an encounter with the photographs, works and clothes on display in the Ottavio Missoni Tapestry Room. 
The students will also have the opportunity to reflect on the conceptual aspects of the works in the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions, to learn to understand and communicate using shapes and colours and using the loom, an instrument that has the extraordinary capacity to awaken new and unexpected creative talents in the participants.

Secondary Schools

The staff of the Education Department initiate with students a series of reflections on the importance of the language of textiles in the history of mankind by looking with new eyes at the fabrics with which our clothes are made and the objects we come into contact with every day.
Through a visit to the Ottavio Missoni Tapestry Room, we will discover the history of textiles and the link with our territory by observing the shapes, rhythms and colours that characterise the splendid Tapestries made from the fabrics that have made Missoni famous throughout the world.
On small table looms, the students will use fabrics and yarns to create a fabric, selecting colours and materials according to their personal research. All the students will be asked to fill in a card with an innovative idea for using the artefacts they have made, which will then be transformed into design objects on display in the Museum.

Theoretical-practical workshops lasting one meeting. Tuesday to Friday 9.30-12.00 or 14.00-16.00

Secondary Schools

In 2024, MA*GA's exhibition programme will focus on the dialogue between figurative arts and design from the 1940s to the present day, exploring techniques, materials and compositions that in their diversity have defined Italian style. In anticipation of this, the Educational Department proposes a series of workshops aimed at the realisation of experimental projects straddling weaving and design through textile language, once again under the banner of the multidisciplinary dimension of the Missoni identity. The precious materials made available by the Missoni Archives are the starting point for observing how the geometric-chromatic combinations of the graphic project can lead not only to fashion, but also to textile design, testifying to an all-round design dimension.
All participating students will be asked to fill in a postcard with an innovative idea for using their handicrafts.


Theoretical and practical course lasting 15 hours over three days to be agreed upon

Every activity is FREE, mandatory booking. Limited places. Info and booking: intrecci@museomaga.it


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